Always Moving Forward

Always improving.

A constant state of pushing our process, techniques, and quality.

Integrated Technology

Research & Development to accomodate       new software and hardware systems.

Using interactive technology to increase productivity of each vehicle

- Smart Board TV's

- Mast Camera Interfaces via CAT5 Networking 

Retro fitting new systems to accomodate current running systems & platforms

- All-In-One PC's utilizing Windows 32 Bit

- Seemless Data transfer from Office to       Vehicle Data Network

  • Addition of the "Rub-Rail' Technology to reduce hazard and repair costs.

  • Simple and proven additions to increase vehicle life and security

  • Customizable capability to incorporate security video/ systems

  • Full A/C Cooling systems, LED Lighting, and any combination of Home, RV or Mobile Accessories (Alarm Systems, Video Back-Up, Video Intercom, Mobile Conferencing Systems)

  • Reinforced Proprietary Belly Bay Systems to eliminate Vibration and flimsy structure.

           - Eliminates struggle and wasted time due                to weather or lengthy storage periods.

     - Secure and Solid platform to minimize              risk of theft or tampering.

     - 3/8" Alluminum Solid Bar; Cheaper and            Cost Effective replacement if Damaged

     - Eliminates timely and tedious repair of              Vehicle Body and associated equipment


  • Ice-Breaker Furgo Handles


Vehicle Structure

And Accessories

  • Hydraulic Punch-Out

                - Newest Fabrication Addition.

                - Circular Dies for more and less complex weight saving extrusions.


  • Welding Technique & Technology

                - Production of flawless custom                                       weldments for added custom features.

  - Maticulous detail to refinement and               safety via equipment upgrades.


  • Bending & Sheering

                - Ability to create custom profiles and                       shapes to accomodate accent lighting to               equipment.

                ​- Increased capability for structure vs.                       weight balance.


Facility Machinery

And Equipment